Remedial Massage (Therapeutic)

A treatment modality to manipulate soft tissue with a specific effect in mind using relevant techniques according to the clients needs. This aids the healing process; repairing and restoring function in the body.

Prenatal Massage

Treatment focuses on relieving aches and pains associated with pregnancy. It can be relaxing for mom-to-be, while incorporating therapeutic techniques for sore back, neck and shoulders, as well sciatic and leg pain. Or any other mystery pains that come along with the many changes in the body!

Relaxation Massage

The goal is the release mental and physical tension in the body. Using more soothing techniques it allows the client to recover from the stresses of daily life.

Professional Cupping Therapies

A technique used in Chinese medicine for centuries, plastic cups are used to drain blood and lymph from treatment areas. A vacuum like seal is used to drain the stagnant blood, as well as lift and release tight muscle and fascia. It encourages circulation to the area, detoxes and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system. It aids stress reduction and increases healing.